Cheesy Goodness in a cracker

Cheddar-Parmesean Crackers.

Cheddar-Parmesean Crackers
Food Network

Going to a party? A family event? A friend’s apartment? Anywhere that you need to bring something delicious and impressive? Then look no further! These cheesy Chedder Parmesan Crackers are the way to go! I am finally releasing the recipe that I use to bake the cheese crackers that everyone keeps asking me about! These are so easy to make! All you really need is a food processor, cheese and butter. You do however need to refrigerate the dough for at least 2 hour before baking, so keep that in mind! Bring these to any group of people and I guarantee they will vanish in a minute. You can always refrigerate the dough for about a month so whenever you need some more crackers just slice and bake these babies up!

Find the recipe at :
Note: Slice the crackers thinner for crunchy crackers and thicker for chewy cheesy crackers. The best is when the edges are crunchy and the middle is chewy. yum!


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